What You Should Know About Brick Lane

By aladinbricklane November 10th, 2017 | Comments Off on What You Should Know About Brick Lane

Brick Lane is located at London’s East End, and is considered the curry capital of the United Kingdom. It is also considered the epicentre of cultural diversity and a great place to go to for people who love shopping. At Brick Lane, you will find different shops including record stores, vintage shops and niche boutiques that fill up the streets and the entire thoroughfare. Weekends are extremely special when in Brick Lane because it will give you a one-of-a-kind experience that will make a visit to the place extremely memorable. Not to forget that they serve a variety of dishes from all over the world including the most popular curry from India. There is much more you should know about Brick Lane than these facts:

There was once a live animal market in Brick Lane

This took place between the 1800s and 1890s and was opened every Sunday along the streets of the place. Silk weavers opened their stalls to sell songbirds at first which later on expanded their businesses by selling all sorts of animals from cats, dogs, poultry, guinea pigs and rabbits to more exotic animals like monkeys, lion cubs and snakes.

Brick Lane residents appeared in a special movie

A special movie from the book entitled Brick Lane by Monica Ali starred Brick Lane residents. The story was about a Bangladeshi woman who found herself in an arranged marriage. The novel was actually shortlisted for the so-called Man Booker Prize before it was released as a film in 2007. Whilst portion of the film was shot in Brick Lane, filming in the place was eventually put to a halt after British Bangladeshis protested in 2006. Thereafter, an alternative filming location was found.

It is also famous for its street art

Street artists from Brick Lane and other parts of the world join forces every now and then to celebrate their works through stencil-based art. The well-known artist Banksy painted his own work of art close to Brick Lane’s bridge. This started everything about street art in Brick Lane. It is sad to note, however, that some of these artworks were stolen by thieves. Nonetheless, artists continue to express their ideas through different forms of street art.

A cereal café also exists in Brick Lane

Also called as Cereal Killer Café, this place was once a target of protests of different businessmen in the place saying that the owners of the café were the reason for the increase in rent prices in Brick Lane. It was found out later on that the business was not actually a conglomerate but is owned by two brothers. The Cereal Café continued running its business eventually by selling more than 120 different cereal brands coming from all over the world. Customers were also given the chance to choose from over 30 different types of milk.

Brick Lane is tagged as Banglatown

Amongst the most important facts you should know about India is the fact that it is called as U.K.’s Banglatown. This is because of the influence Indian food brought to the British Culture. The whole of U.K. has more than 10,000 Indian restaurants – or restaurants that are actually influenced by Indian flavours. A lot of these restaurants, particularly curry houses, are actually found in Brick Lane. Additionally, you will find Bengali foods sold in markets and local shops in Brick Lane. It is also the host to an annual celebration called the Curry Festival.

Brick Lane is with no doubt a fusion of different forms of expressions, ideas and works of art. It is also a home to the most authentic dishes from India. A visit to the place won’t be complete unless you get to dine in the most popular Brick Lane Indian restaurant!