What Makes Indian Food Unique?

By aladinbricklane September 27th, 2017 | Comments Off on What Makes Indian Food Unique?

Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Its popularity has spread not just within Asia but in other countries around the globe as well. As it has influenced a lot of people and culture, its different dishes has also been fused with other flavours known in a respective country. Despite the mix with other popular cuisines all over the world, it cannot be denied that Indian food is unique. It is because of the following reasons.

There is a scientific explanation to it

Indian food is unique simply because each dish consists of at least seven ingredients. These ingredients are of different varieties leaving a variety of flavours exploding in the mouth. Aside from these flavourful ingredients, you can also consider the different spices that add more impact to the final product. Plus you cannot deny the fact that the cooking technique used is unique in its own way.

Ingredients never overlap each other

If you may have noticed, Western cooking is known for creating flavours out of ingredients that often have the same taste. They remain flavourful that way and are appreciated by tasters all over the globe. Asian cooking, on the other hand, is more of experimental and about harmonizing different flavours altogether. Indian dishes remain unique, however, since they tend to be more creative when it comes to choosing ingredients. Chefs who are expert in this type of cuisine know that it is important for ingredients to not overlap each other.

Ingredients work well together

Some of you may think it is quite impossible to make sure to have different flavours in different ingredients. With Indian cuisine, that is always possible. After all, it will never be an Indian dish unless the ingredients do not overlap each other. Surprisingly, there is a distinctness of flavour that brings out the best in the dish and that makes the cuisine appreciated by anyone who gets to taste it. It is a kind of harmony that undeniably works well together.

Indian food is complex

The different ingredients used as explained above makes Indian food complex. Add to that, each recipe takes years of experience before they are perfected and can be passed on from one generation to another. The various recipes in the cuisine have to be practised very well to find out if they will pass the taste of those who love Indian food. Not to forget that cooking techniques have to be followed so as not to compromise the flavours coming out of the food.

The food is inconsistent

Yet many people love that kind of inconsistency in it. Depending on which restaurants you go to, you will be surprised to find out that a dish you have tasted in one place will be completely different than what you order in another even if they have the same name. The reason for this is that Indian dishes do not necessarily follow ratios or proportions for each ingredient. It is all about making rough estimates. This gets rid of the usual monotonicity of a dish thus making Indian cuisine simply special.

It uses the freshest ingredients

Yes, they do not use curry in a bottle but instead they make use of their own homemade blend of popular herbs and spices used in Indian food. They believe that the freshness of the herbs and spices will make the food more flavourful. Going through the process of preparing mixes will bring out the aroma and taste that avid Indian food lovers are craving for.

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