Popular Indian Curries Served in Brick Lane

By aladinbricklane September 16th, 2014 | Comments Off on Popular Indian Curries Served in Brick Lane

Indian curries have become a popular choice of food not only for the people living in India but also among the people of London as well. There are various types of curries available in Indian restaurants in London. Brick Lane the hub of Indian restaurants offers a wide variety of options for curry lovers.

Mentioned below are a few popular Indian curry dishes that you must try on your next visit to Brick Lane:

Chicken Curry: Chicken curry is a common delicacy and is loved by all who love to eat spicy food. The curry is made with onions, garlic, whole spices, ginger, tomatoes as well as powdered spices. This Indian dish is garnished with coriander and is served with either rice or Indian bread. This Indian dish is finger licking good.

Fish Curry: This mouthwatering preparation of fish in curry is heavenly. This authentic Indian curry dish puts all other fish preparations to shame. There are a lot of spices used in this curry and tastes best when served with rice. Do not give it a miss on your next visit to Brick Lane.

Prawn Curry: If you love prawn you must give this curry dish a try at least once. This dish is quite popular among sea food lovers. The curry though tastes best with rice but can be eaten with breads as well. If you happen to visit Brick Lane, give this sea food made with a twist a try and you will not be disappointed.

Lamb Curry: This preparation of lamb is simple yet delicious. This is a wholesome non vegetarian meal tastes best when served with rice. If the gravy is thick it tastes as good with breads. The lamb pieces are fully coated with Indian spices and is cooked till the lamb is tender. The taste of this mouthwatering curry will stay on your taste buds for days.

You can visit our Brick Lane curry house to try mouthwatering curry dishes that are cooked to perfection. Try any of the above dishes and you will savour it till the end.