Savour the Indian Delights of Brick Lane

By aladinbricklane June 29th, 2015 | Comments Off on Savour the Indian Delights of Brick Lane

Are you an Indian residing in London and craving for the taste of traditional curries? Or are you a Londoner looking for something different for your taste buds? Brick Lane, situated in the east-end of London is the one stop destination for everyone. Brick Lane has about 50 restaurant establishments, and all of them are waiting to treat you with their celebrated delicacies.
You can taste the most authentic dishes coming straight from the land of spices, India. These are cooked by traditional methods as an attempt to preserve the old art of cooking. The restaurateurs aim to provide the fine dining experience of traditional Indian style to the guests. People who have dined in any of these restaurants have come back mesmerised by the hospitality which is the perfect blend of the traditional and the modern.

It is natural to get bored of the regular food routine. The dishes start to taste bland and our tongue demands something refreshing. Isn’t it an opportunity for you to visit Brick Lane and treat yourself to some mouth-watering dishes? The exotic spices can be smelt in the air of Brick Lane. If you have not visited Brick Lane yet then you must, and enjoy the popular Indian dishes such as chicken tikka, tangy balti, jalfrezi, lamb samosa, and biryani. You can also try some regional Indian dishes such as rajma chawal and pav bhaji which are famous among vegetarians.

Brick Lane could be one of the ideal places to dine with friends and family. If you are planning a corporate meet up then why not sign a successful deal over a bowl of chicken curry? The magnificence of scrumptious food leaves one drooling for more. Visit some of the best Indian restaurants in Brick Lane for the experience of a lifetime. Fondly called ‘Banglatown’ pertaining to the majority of immigrants that have settled here from Bangladesh, dining in any restaurant might feel like you have been transported to one of the Indian cities. Such is the hospitality and extravagance!