Which Side Dishes Pair Well With Curry?

By aladinbricklane November 10th, 2017 | Comments Off on Which Side Dishes Pair Well With Curry?

Curry is one of the most loved Indian dishes of all time. It is popular all over the world and has been a staple in many households especially with families who love spicy food. Enjoying a curry however can be quite challenging to those who are new to its taste. The good news is there are perfect side dishes that pair well with curry. It makes curry even more enjoyable to many. Wonder what these side dishes are? Here is a list:


Dhal is one of India’s side dishes that can pair well with curry. This is basically made from lentil – either the whole ones or those that have been split. These lentils also bring out the colour in the food since they are available not just in green varieties but also in red and black. The distinct colours used to prepare a dhal will also bring out variations in flavour and texture with the final product. Some other versions are made out of chickpeas. Enjoy slow-cooked dhal with curry and you are sure to fill your stomach.

Naan bread

This soft Indian bread and all other Indian flatbreads are considered very perfect side dishes for curry-lovers. Adding some flavours to the bread will make the curry less overpowering. Mango chutney, for instance is a popular flavour of choice to many. Some would also like grilling their naans. These ones bring out the flavours out of the different spices used in making one. Some also make their naans in a frying pan which is a more modern take on how to cook one. Anything from cheese and chilly naans to a blend of garlic, mint and rosemary flavours will go well with curry.


When you want curry to be the standout flavour in your meal, simply eating it with plain rice will be a good idea. This will make you enjoy curry even more. Take note that curry is served best with hot rice. But of course, you can also extend your choices when it comes to pairing rice with curry. Some would love mixing beans with rice whilst others will also consider cooking rice with frozen peas. There are those who also try adding extra ingredients to the rice to make it even tastier. The good news is any type of rice can go very well with your bottle or bowl of curry.

Spicy potatoes

There are those who choose to add flavour to potatoes to make them go well with a bowl of curry. It is a classic side dish that is made out of potatoes and spinach blended with spices, ginger and garlic. The potatoes are fried in a pan up until they are soft. Some like their potatoes crunchy that is why they turn out to Indian potato chips which are flavoured with fennel seed, turmeric, ginger and garlic. These ones can simply be dipped in curry and can be served as an afternoon snack.

Green vegetables

If you do not want to be heavy on carbs, you can try healthy substitutes in green vegetables when looking for a pair for curry. Broccoli, cabbage and spinach are very popular choices. These ones can be cooked in a variety of ways and can be added with ingredients like halloumi, a hard cheese and paneer, a popular Indian ingredient.


A Cornish pastry in India, samosas are also very popular side dishes for curry. These samosas can be made from the traditional combination of refined maida flour and ghee but can also be crafted from filo pastry. Some can even be baked to get rid of oil. Samosas are also filled with vegetables and other Indian flavours. They will surely be a good treat for those of you looking for something great to pair with curry.

Now that you have known a list of side dishes to pair with curry, why not try enjoying one? Try curry in London and see how these side dishes have been taken a notch higher!