The Curry Experience in London

By aladinbricklane March 24th, 2015 | Comments Off on The Curry Experience in London

In the east of London you will find a number of markets and good restaurants. The most mouthwatering street of the East End is Brick Lane which has many South Asian shops and restaurants. Visitors consider Brick Lane as they primarily offer Indian Cuisines. Most of the restaurants here are owned by Bangladeshi families and companies. The restaurants specialize in regional cuisines from all over South Asia and some even specialize in making specific dishes.

Brick Lane is considered as the “ curry house of London”. Tandoori plates are the most commonly ordered dishes.There are many restaurants in this area that specialize in making authentic dishes from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. These restaurants has also been recognized by a number of top publications. Their extensive menu includes Madras dishes, Dansak dishes, Bhuna Dishes, Pathia dishes and the like. There are specialties that attract a huge number of tourists like Tandoori King Prawn Masala and Murgh Aloo Rezalia. Whichever restaurant you visit, request the level of spice you think you can handle. Don’t forget to ask for cooling side dishes and drinks too!

Besides the restaurants you also find the South Asian Candy shops and sumptuous fabrics for sale. There are burgeoning arts scene which attracts a large number of artists and designers. Brick Lane is near the Whitechapel Underground station and when you reach there try to take a stroll up and down the lane to check all the tantalizing options. Pay attention to the waiters who hawk outside the restaurants about their particular cuisines. You can also bargain with them to get free appetizers or a free bottle of wine with your meal.

The Brits love Indian food so much that they even have a National Curry Week, which usually runs at the end of November. As many people immigrated from India to the UK, their appetite for Indian food also expanded. So, if you are a big time foodie and want to find the best curry in London then you must visit Brick Lane as you will find delicious cuisines in this place.