Ways To Decide On The Best Indian Curry Restaurant In Brick Lane

By aladinbricklane March 12th, 2014 | Comments Off on Ways To Decide On The Best Indian Curry Restaurant In Brick Lane

Brick Lane in London houses some of the best Indian curry restaurants that serve a range of mouth-watering dishes from the Indian sub-continent. If someone were to ask you to identify the best eating joint in your city you’ll probably spend no time listing the best ones but things can be different when you’re in an unfamiliar destination with nothing but a vague idea of what you want to taste and bill boards of restaurants staring at you. However there are easy ways to decipher which of the curry restaurants in Brick Lane serving Indian and Pakistani delicacies are up to the mark.

Research on the net: If you have access to the internet simply search by keying in ` world’s best curry house Brick Lane’. That’s enough to get the names of the most exotic ones bang of the top of the search results. Then read the authentic reviews in two or three of them. This will give you a fair idea of what to expect in terms of food, ambience and rates.

Locals are a big help: Although the internet is a valid source for judgment nothing beats the assessment of a local resident when it comes to choosing the right restaurant. The fact cannot be undermined that the local has probably tasted the food there or witnessed evaluations from other foodies. However it makes sense to be specific about the kind of food you’re interested in having and the bill you are willing to pay.

Just walk in: If you don’t have internet access, are too hesitant to ask locals about good eating joints or worse haven’t found anybody worthy of judgement, simply walk into one of the many curry houses in Brick Lane. We’re sure you won’t be charged or stopped if you walk in with the intention of accessing the place. Step inside at meal times, pick up the menu card; see the dishes available and their prices. Feel the ambience and take in the aroma floating around. Inviting? Sit down for a scrumptious meal or else try another.

Taking out time to evaluate the best curry house in Brick Lane which will appeal to your senses and taste buds is practical. Explore Brick Lane Indian restaurant here.